Reinigungsservice Berlin
Real Support is a newly growing start-up company based on professional service which built on 21 Sep 2016 in Berlin, Germany. It operates in 3 major field in services- cooking, cleaning and handcraft. Real support believes in quality service in their all field. It has experienced team to provide quality service on the basis of potential customer demand.


What REAL SUPPORT offers:

  • Regulated income.

  • Starting from minimum 11.5/h EUR for the Self-employed Service Partner, up to 20/h EUR. (Minimum EUR 12/h for the Service Partner who will get 4.6/5 customer Rating)

  • Receiving payment every 10 days on your bank account.

  • Working with Part-time contract if you are not interested to work as a Self-employed.

  • Social insurance for Service Partners. (who will work with contract with REAL SUPPORT)

  • Regular training and dedicated support

  • You decide when and for how many hours you want to work a day.

What you need to have to become a Service Partner:

  • Work permit

  • Valid id/passport

  • Police clearance certificate (Führungszeugnis)

  • German bank account

  • And experience/passion in specific field you like to work.

  • Good communication skill with clients.

Do you still have question? please contact us. We are here for your service.

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